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GHG Development is a boutique property development business owned and operated by company founders Kevin Hamman, Scott Gant and Trevor Groeneveld.

For many years the principles have worked in and owned successful businesses, across various disciplines, including investment banking, financial services, property development, civil construction and project management. Over the past 20 years they have worked together on numerous different projects as well as partnering in successful joint ventures.

With this experience, GHG combines the skills and resources to acquire and develop selected property related ventures throughout Australia and internationally.

With a professional, responsible and accountable decision making structure, decisions are made promptly in an informed and risk managed manner, ensuring flexibility and creativity.

Furthermore, GHG concentrates on providing positive outcomes with profitable results for all stakeholders, along with a readiness to partner where it is prudent to do so.

GHG take on selective projects where we work with individuals and teams that share our passion and vision to reach desired outcomes.

We are always looking to broaden our network and welcome you to contact any member of the team directly to discuss how we can start a relationship working together.

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Our Ethos

GHG aims to enforce an ethical mentality and create an environment within the business that values decisions made on principles and moral. All involved in the GHG company accept and acknowledge personal accountability for decisions made and pursue excellence in everything that we do.

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